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I LOVE all of them, so hard to choose! Can't wait to check out the new ones!

WOW! I love LOVE the Asian Peony. All of your creative is so amazing. Love it all!!!

The large size ones really appeal to me as I like to work to a good space ... Dream and Shine draw me in .... These are the ones I would be using !

Wow, those are so gorgeous. I love the "Shine" large journal. And just about every other one!

Love love LOVE the Dream large journal. :)

I love your Fearless journal...perhaps because I'm not...fearless--not in my everyday life, nor in my art...which has been used for commercial purposes only these last fifteen years. My personal creative pursuits were never encouraged, nor understood. It has taken a brave person to finally set aside all the CAN'Ts and SHOULDN'Ts given to me. I may sometimes be brave, but I'm never fearless. I just need the reminder.

Love your store AND your blog. Keep the positive energy flowing!

I really like the small Spanish Girl journal. Gorgeous. ... So happy to discover your blog this evening!

Awww gosh, it's so difficult to choose just one! My favorite is the Anias Bloom Large Journal with one of my favorite quotes on the cover (by Anias Nin)! The colors are spectacular and it is so necessary in the dreary winter to remember that spring will come! The collection of journals is vibrant and inspirational - such a treat to behold!

is this thing still going? i hope so.

gnome hat = amazeballs. it makes me happy. i've wanted to order the print for a while now but my funds are low. that's about it. the image brings me happiness, and happiness brings inspirational writing to life.

thanks for this papaya.

Would love to fill some pages in the small journal "Flora Bird." Love the illustration and colors.

Hmmmm, for me today it's going to be the large Life in Progress journal. The little birdie and the "go slowly" add a just right touch of whimsy. And such a just right reminder that it's all a process of unfolding. Sort of Goldilocksy for me right now - it's "just right." Thanks for the opportunity!

It's so hard to choose one...they are all beautiful! I really love the small journal Shells. We take a lot of trips to the beach & I like to journal about every trip. Thanks for the giveaway!

Hula hoop is my favorite because I love to Hula hoop!!!

I love everything Papaya makes! As for the large journals I love Voyage and Dream best! They inspire the creative heart.

I love the small Fabulous journal, because learning to love who you are, i think, is the root of everyone's need to journal.

I love Temple Girl, the larger journal - a vision of the peace we are all looking for:) Thanks for the chance to win!!

take care~

Great work!!!! I LOVE Carpe Diem!

The Flora large journal is my fave because I'm totally besotted with Flora Bowley's work. Love.

Well I love all of them and I'd love to have a whole stack, but I'd be happy starting out with the DayDream journal. I like a bigger book because I am trying to stretch my wings and work bigger.
Thanks for the chance!

I quite like the large Asian Peony journal - very pretty!

Sweet Surrender is my favourite. Love everything about it. The larger size, I think. (All of the journals are beautiful.)

What a nice give-away. Thank you for doing it!

They are all absolutely GORGEOUS!!! But If I had to choose one it would Asian Peony, LOVE THEM!

I absolutely love 'Fearless.' As a professional jewelry artist, I realize that sometimes I cramp my own art by worrying overmuch about what is commercial enough to sell rather than realizing that my gut creative instincts are what my customers respond to. I actually have the 'Fearless' card hanging up on my inspiration board to remind me to be true to myself and be fearless in following my own creative vision.

Oh, they are all so beautiful! My favorite is the Fearless large journal.

I love the small journal named ' Dream Catcher' .
Thank you for this giveaway.

SO hard to choose jut one...so I narrowed it down to just TWO...Gnome Hat and Temple Girl ;)
Thanks for a great giveaway. Fondly, Roberta

I love butterflies and Anahata's work so my choice (hard tho it is to choose) would have to be the large "Begin" journal. Great sentiment and LOVE that turquoise.

They are all amazing but if i had to choose only one it would be the Flora Bird - Small Journal. I have two small parrots and this journal reminds me of them! :)

I think I like the large Voyage journal the best, although they are all beautiful. I would love to have a little more info on its pages, too - lined/unlined? Sketch weight paper? I want to dream up appropriate uses for these lovely books!

Musings... love that word.

Most definitely *VOYAGE*. Not only is it beautiful, but reflective of the purpose which it would be assigned. Each page within would be a place to spill open my dreams & hopes that in turn will lead to the actions that will take me out and into the world on this wild & wonder filled voyage of life in 2011!

Love the large Trust Yourself journal. Such an important message to ones self and a beautiful image on the cover!!!!!

The Asian Peony large journal is my new favourite, love the dreamy soft colours :)

I love the Eiffel Tower small journal. Make me wish I was sitting in a Parisian cafe right now.

my favourite journal is the 'musings' one because it is the same cover of the day book i bought 2 years ago that inspired me to keep a more arty journal.

All are so BEAUTIFUL! But, I do have a serious crush on Flora, Large Journal. It's so absolutely organic and surreal at the same time.

would love, love, love the large butterfly ray journal--

Yipee a fabulous give-away! I am a huge fan!! I love the large Gnome Hat Journal the best :)

Sandy xox

sweet surrender!! small size!! and that was a difficult choice! also love temple girl....

The Rare Bird-Small Journal is very cool.
it is beautiful!!!!!!!
I like it very much

I LOVE the Ticket-Small Journal!!!
it has got a cool colours with a nice

oh such a hard choice, they are all so special, but the life in progress with the bird in large is absolutely my favorite, It would be so inspiring to sketch in!

of course they are ALL beautiful! if I had to pick one for today it would be "temple girl". LOVE your stuff! ciao!

Ì really love the small journal "ticket".Very beautifull collors and design.

Future Beauty - Large Journal is my absolute favorite! That teal color and the roses, yum, I love it to bits! <3

I love the large "Life in Progress" journal. The birdie and colors are beautiful, and those are just the words I need to read before writing in my journal!

I really looove the Sweet Surrender journal... it's beautiful and has such a power message. I love it!
But really I love them all! They are exquisite!

Sooooooo hard to choose! The small Rose journal is my fav, but Awesome is amazing also. LOL.

OOOh! love all, but "belong to yourself" and "eat cake" and "fearless" would be my 3 favs!
xoxo natalea

my favorite journal is the temple girl, because i love to meditate,too:-)

Oh! It's too hard to choose! All of them are deliciously lovely! I think my favorite is the Sweet Surrender small journal! Thanks for this giveaway!

I think Green Garden ... but really who could choose ... they are all gorgeous!

Dream catcher - small journal!

I think my very favorite is the small version of the dreamcatcher girl...journals are the essence of dreamcatchers...and the size looks like it would be nice & portable...

Hellllooooo, Papaya! I can't resist the Flora B. journal....such a pop of color.
Thank you for the giveaway.
Kindest regards,Missy from the bayou

I like Sweet Surrender! :)

I love "Now is the Time", because there is no other time like the present to get started with travel, with writings, paintings, whatever it is you love doing. In my case I will soon travel to my mother's homeland of Greece and hope to do sketches and writings to bring back to paint in her honor.

I'm partial to the large Flamingo journal, especially since I'm a Florida native. I always plan little weekend adventures, and love to find out of the way restaurants, shops, parks, and roads. I collect brochures, playbills, ticket stubs, photographs, stamps, and other ephemera from my mini-trips. This journal is very apropos: I could see all of my treasures being stuffed into it until it barely closes.

My fave is Shells - small journal. I also love papaya, but it´s not so easy to buy it in Germany.

It always comes back to Fearless, for me. Love that Louise Brooks.

I'd love Shine for the big journal or Asian Butterfly for the small one!

Awesome stuff! :)

My favorite is the large flora journal second is the life in progress journal...really they are all beautiful it was tough to choose.

aaaaw, I wan the small one with Eiffel :)

wow! these are great. i love the "flora" large journal and it's a tie between "ticket" and "fabulous". but really, they are all wonderful! :)

I love the Anais Bloom large journal & the Sweet Surrender small journal - both messages are about growing, blooming, surrendering to life. Colors & artwork are gorgeous!

Choose just one? But how? They are all gorgeous! My favorites are the large "Flora" journal and the small "Listen," "Believe," and "Flora Bird." I guess if I had to choose one it would be the "Flora" so I can fit more of my juicy secrets, but I would be happy with any of those! Love them all! The colors are divine.

I absolutely adore the Asian peony journal! What a pretty piece of functional art! I LoVe all the new additions. Your art brings me JoY thank you!

i love the flora - large journal. it's gorgeous and i love flora bowley's art!

They're all beautiful, so it is difficult to choose my favorite. In the small journals, I like the "shells" and in the large journal I like "Voyage".

How the heck do you only choose one?!
I think I'd have to go with Gnome Hat. She's just so quirky and adorable.

Hello PAPAYA Blog!

I have purchased many of your beautiful greeting cards and last year bought the "Grace" journal - which is one of my favorite things to open as I work through my morning pages. Love all your new designs and your site is one of my creative sparks. Thanks for sharing. Namaste~

Eiffel tower is nice too.

Temple girl is my favorite.............!

How to choose just one... but love the Lrg Sweet Surrender Journal... gorgeous!

definitely, definitely, definitely, "Dream" is my absolute fav! :) but "Fearless" is a very close second.

The large Temple Girl journal speaks to me the loudest. It just tugs on my heart somehow!

The Listen small journal is my favorite! reminds me of life by the ocean :) love it, how relaxing!

They are all fabulous but Lace is a favorite.

Wow! They are all so lovely. That was a really hard decision, but I am going with Temple Girl- since making my dreams come true is what this year is all about for me! Thanks for the chance to win!

Hi, Favorite is the large Shine journal--it's my favorite one-word reminder!

Much love, Evelyn

love the large dream journal !! Big enough to capture all your dreams in !!

I really love Day Dream and You are a Miracle. Can't decide, they are both speaking to me!

Breaking Through, or Listen...hmmm. Hard enough to narrow it down to two!
They are all beautiful! Large & small.

They're all so beautiful! The one that is calling out to me is the Large Anais Bloom journal. It's going at the top of my wishlist!

;D love that you guys are doing this

ive kept a journal since I was 7, and I always look to PAPAYA for my new journals

im in love with the small journal Rose

The DREAM Lg. journal...matches my tote...but they are all great!

My favorite is the Flora - Large Journal.
Oh that would be divine to see at my doorstep!

I love all of them.. I have a journal obsession ;-D The one that I love the most is the Anais Bloom large journal
Thank you so much for the chance!

I love the spanish girl - small journal, it is gorgeous. thanks for the chance.


How to pick, you have lovely things and I crave them all!

love anais bloom, and flamingo, but then I always like flamingos, if I have to choose probably anais bloom, but they ar all amazing.

They are all so beautiful and unique! But just like I have found your art to speak to me at different-yet-just-the-right-moment times, I will go with the "Listen" small journal. How profound. Plus I don't have that one yet. LOL

flora is my fav. However these are all awesome!!!

they are all beautiful, but my fave is temple girl. thanks for the chance to win.

They are all so lovely, but since I am a huge Anais Nin fan, I must choose the "bloom" journal. I just turned 40 this year and am at a career/lifestyle crossroads and I feel like that quote!

All so cool - but love "DREAM"


Well,hmmm...how difficult is this? Very! I will make a decision though and it is "Shine"...my sister just marked her 5 years from last chemo session and she is certainly a part of the shine in my life! Thank you for such beautiful, inspirational creations.

Pastel or bright? Large or small? Too hard to choose! I would be so grateful to receive any one of these gorgeous journals.

My fave one is this one
Just gorgeous !

love who you are - BEAUTIFUL and inspiring

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