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I AM LOVE.......

I love my mistakes. They are lesson of love that help me to create a better life for myself and those around me... <3

I love this question! I would say one way would be my endless creative mind.

I love who i am because i am proud to share my artwork with others on my blog and with crafty swaps with like minded individuals on the internet. And i love that i am loved so much, that my hubbie makes dinner while i do creative things.

I am loving myself and caring for myself a lot lately b/c of the baby growing inside me right now. I can't wait for him to arrive in a few months so I can share all of the things I love with him.

I love who I am by dancing and spending time with my friends!

One way I love who I am: I turned down a full time job to work part time. Of course I have to be a savvy shopper to stretch my dollars each week, but it means I have the time I need to follow my passion and do what really makes me come alive... speak (and practice) Spanish and French!

I love who I am because I am a good cook and because I can almost always come up with a solution to a problem. I show myself love by taking time for myself, including (no kidding) a long bath every morning.

I love me by being happy to be here.

I love who I am by having me time every morning, and just in general by pursuing activities that make me happy to better myself as a person.

btw Love your store in Ashland <3

I love myself by sending myself love notes, to remind me that I'm awesome, beautiful, successful, and the woman of my dreams.

I love myself when I am at home making healthy homemade food for my family. I love myself when I help others learn how to be the best parents they can be through my job. I love myself by spending time with loved ones and making memories captured in pictures, I love to take pictures.

I love me because, wow this is hard! I love me because I see life as a gift, and full of miracles.

I trust in the fact that I am the answer to someone's prayer every day...through my work (growing food!) and my smile and my hugs! That's how I love who I am!

I love who I am the most when I am in Venice Italy. My "real face, real Self" is out for all to see. So in 2 weeks, in honour of my 50th birthday and loving myself, I am moving there!!

I love myself because I've come a long way and I am always looking for ways to heal and become better.

I love the way I love my little boy, it makes me want to be a better me and I like it :-)

I love me because I am not afraid to speak my mind and create beautiful things that I am able to share with other people

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